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By Marcus Jastrow

A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature, quantity I (1/3) by way of Marcus Jastrow

This dictionary is an absolute needs to for an individual studying Gemara or the other Aramaic works.

not just is each attainable definition given, Jastrow brings down a variety of examples of using each one note, making sure a company clutch of every word's nuances.

A vintage and nonetheless common source, Marcus Jastrow's huge dictionary continues to be precise in that it covers either the Hebrew and Aramaic languages within the literature of the rabbinic interval. This crucial dictionary of targumic and rabbinic literature comprises hundreds of thousands of entries in totally vocalized Hebrew and Aramaic, with references to the unique texts, transparent English definitions, and the total diversity of meanings and usages within the assets. it truly is equipped alphabetically by way of genuine shape yet comprises additionally connection with a word's root, with plentiful cross-references.

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Y. Gen. XXXI, 46 (Bab. ); a. fr. V. actI. 71121N1read 9117>1N. 21N, v. $ Af. N2721N, v. &. * ~ n i v 1Nf. pl. (v. ) irrigated fields. Targ. q. v. Ven. N997g). ~ e r . ~ d ~ : , : 4Ar. 0 ed. pr. (ed. N I1 f. , v. NFl'IN) attendant, or super- intendent $ the vapor bath; omp. %-Y. Shebi. VIII, 38" 'K 1nsDii Zosime, the superintendent &c. N ~ ~ P Tf, (~T N i ) joy. Targ PI. LI, 10 (ed. Vien. y. Nn7377jN f. prop. outlook (v. p-7) hence pr, n. pl. 0dikt;ha (1;. y-2). Targ. I1 Chron. XX, 16. Nn'l7iN f.

Pr. n, m. Ahava, itor took possession;-acc. to vers. in ed. a. Mss. 1) Kb'i'i) son of Zera, and father of 8. Adda. R. Hash. 29". Ab. ; 2) 'N authorization to seize the Zar. 30"; a. fr. Y. Yeb. VIII, gbC. 1 B. Bath. 169". B. Ram. 112~. B. Mets 1 6 ~ . Ib. 35b. Keth. 104~. Y. Ber. 11, 4b, v. 97975. 2) private authorization to collect or take possession of Y. Ab. Zar. V, 45", read 17%. one's debt or deposit; assignment, transfer. B. Kam. 70a Ms. , Ar. (ed. 71%); Shebu. 33"ed. 'ilN, v. Rabb. D. n7757n~ 8.

Koh. R. to IV, 6 ; Lev. R. s. 3 beg. ) 'N? '21 N>YI he who rents one garden will eat birds; him who m. PI. (a corrupt. of l n i > i i i ~amp. ii~ rents gardens, the birds will eat. Git. 73" lh5n 112K they a. ) costum-coZlectors, (cmp. Sm. Ant. s. v. Agohired boatsmen. Snh. %129n to hire help. Y. Taan. rauomos). Gen. R. s. 75 ed. (Ar. lali*K). Nn*VT 12*n hiring prostitutes. fr. 171dN, v. q i y . Af. l a ' k I) same. Targ. Y. Deut. XXIII, 5 (4)-B. Mets. 77" (interch. ) *lliK 1*21N (ll*iN) engages ]i733ild&, t V.

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