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By Slater J.C.

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15. V Fig. 15 It is most probable that you will have to make use of meters that are capable of combining the functions of an ammeter, a voltmeter and an ohmmeter. These instruments are known as multimeters. One of the most common examples is the AVO. This meter is an example of the type known as analogue instruments, whereby the ‘readings’ are indicated by the position of a pointer along a graduated scale. The other type of multimeter is of the digital type (often referred to as a DMM). In this case, the ‘readings’ are in the form of a numerical display, using either light emitting diodes or a liquid crystal, as on calculator displays.

Developed across it, and (b) the current flowing through it. 0 mW — the value given in the question. 4 A when flowing through a circuit for 15 minutes dissipates 200 KJ of energy. , (b) power dissipated, and (c) the resistance of the circuit. g. where large amounts of power are used over long periods of time. The electricity meter in your home actually measures the energy consumption. 6 MJ. In order to record this the meter would require at least ten dials to indicate this very large number. In addition to which, many of them would have to rotate at an impossible rate.

Graphs: In most cases the tabulated results form the basis for a graph or graphs which must be carefully plotted on Fundamentals approved graph paper. Simple lined or squared paper is NOT adequate. Try to use as much of the page as possible, but at the same time choose sensible scales. 5, 10 000, etc. 9 etc. By doing this you will make it much simpler to plot the graph in the first place, and more importantly, very much easier to take readings from it subsequently. Conclusions: Having gone through the above procedure you need to complete the assignment by drawing some conclusions based on all the data gathered.

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