Affine Flag Manifolds and Principal Bundles by Alexander Schmitt PDF

By Alexander Schmitt

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Affine flag manifolds are countless dimensional types of common items corresponding to Gra?mann forms. The ebook positive factors lecture notes, survey articles, and examine notes - according to workshops held in Berlin, Essen, and Madrid - explaining the importance of those and similar gadgets (such as double affine Hecke algebras and affine Springer fibers) in illustration conception (e.g., the speculation of symmetric polynomials), mathematics geometry (e.g., the basic lemma within the Langlands program), and algebraic geometry (e.g., affine flag manifolds as parameter areas for significant bundles). Novel points of the speculation of significant bundles on algebraic forms also are studied within the ebook.

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Let x ∈ W be in the same connected component of G(L) as b. • If (x) is small (with respect to (b)), then Xx (b) = ∅. • If (x) is large (with respect to (b)), Xx (b) = ∅ if and only if Xx (bbasic ) = ∅, where bbasic represents the unique basic σ-conjugacy class in the same connected component as x. In this case, the dimension of the two affine Deligne–Lusztig varieties differs by a constant (depending on b, but not on x). It is not easy to give precise bounds for what “small” and “large” should mean.

The first one is related to the study of conjugacy classes in Kac–Moody groups, the latter one is motivated by the theory of Breuil, Kisin and others about the classification of finite flat group schemes. 15. , the building over F ). 1. 16. Let b ∈ G(L) with Newton vector ν ∈ X∗ (A)Q,+ , and let μ ∈ X∗ (A) be dominant. Then Xμ (b) = ∅ ⇐⇒ κG (b) = μ and ν ≤ μ, where we denote the image of μ in π1 (G) again by μ, and where ν ≤ μ means by definition that μ − ν is a non-negative linear combination of simple coroots.

There is no standard P ⊇ Pb with κM (b) = μ. Assume that G is simple. 1. If μ is central in G, and b is σ-conjugate to μ , then Xμ (b) = X≤μ (b) ∼ = Jb (F )/(Jb (F ) ∩ G(O)) ∼ = G(F )/G(OF ) is discrete. 34 U. G¨ortz 2. Assume that we are not in the situation of 1. Then κM (b) = μ for all proper standard parabolic subgroups P = M N G with b ∈ M (L), and κG induces a bijection π0 (X≤μ (b)) ∼ = π1 (G). The group Jb (F ) acts transitively on π0 (X≤μ (b)). 4. Affine Deligne–Lusztig varieties: the Iwahori case Now we come to the Iwahori case.

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