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By A. Whitaker (auth.), A. T. Peters, H. S. Freeman (eds.)

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More than one and a part many years have handed because the final ebook was once released describing advancements within the analytical chemistry of artificial colorants. within the intervening interval, the scope and technical features of instrumentation for analysing dyes and pigments has considerably accelerated. it truly is now attainable to swiftly unravel a few difficulties whose recommendations have been formerly both unimaginable or very tough to accomplish. for example, the unambiguous project of the entire signs within the proton NMR spectrum of a trisazo direct dye, and the affirmation of the molecular weight of involatile, and, particularly, sulphonated dyes, with out derivatisation, at the moment are regimen analytical strategies in lots of laboratories this present day. furthermore, it's now attainable to checklist the NMR spectrum of a dye molecule on lower than 1 mg of fabric, and we're now not restricted to resolution spectra, considering that reliable samples can now be sometimes analysed in NMR experiments. when no longer trying to be all encompassing, this quantity is meant to bridge the distance among what was once lined within the past paintings edited by way of Professor Venkataraman and the advancements that have for the reason that ensued in a few key parts. It presents vital updates in X-ray crystallography, proton NMR, IR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, and also covers subject matters equivalent to ESR, micro spectrophotometry and emission spectroscopy.

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